Certified Family Law Specialist

Certified Family Law Specialists

Earning the coveted designation of Certified Family Law Specialist is a long, difficult ordeal which few numbers of California attorneys ever accomplish. At the Schaffer Family Law Group, APC, we encourage our attorneys to go the extra distance to benefit our clients. Law firm founder Sarah T. Schaffer, CFLS, LL.M as well as family law attorney Wayne J. Rice, CFLS have the important designation and more of our attorneys will follow.

California State Bar Selects a Handful of Attorneys as Certified Family Law Specialists

The California State Bar Legal Specialization was established to identify attorneys who have demonstrated proficiency in specialized fields of law:

  • To help the public identify attorneys who have demonstrated proficiency in specialized fields of law;
  • To encourage the maintenance and improvement of attorney competence in specialized fields of law.

The simple truth is that Divorce contests and Family law is complex. Sarah T. Schaffer, CFLS, LL.M does not dilute her focus by practicing other law sections as do some lawyers who often say “yes” to and client who needs to hire an attorney. Family law is constantly changing, and Sarah earns the trust of her clients by earning the coveted Certified Family Law Specialist designation that proves that she remains current with the laws and the family law Courts.

Sarah T. Schaffer, CFLS, LL.M – In 2011, Ms. Schaffer earned the distinguished title of Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

Wayne J. Rice, CFLS – Sarah is extremely proud of Wayne J. Rice, another certified specialist at Schaffer Family Law Group, APC. Wayne earned his designation of Certified Legal Specialist in Family Law from the California Board of Legal Specialization in 2016.

Why are There so Few Certified Family Law Specialists?

Becoming a “Certified Specialist” is quite the challenge and commitment of time. In fact, it often takes years to accomplish. It is more than just an attorney who decides to “focus” on only a particular area of law. Although that is important! Some “general practice” lawyers do divorce, personal injury, contract law, criminal, estate planning – whatever you are willing to pay for. So, when shopping for an attorney for a divorce or family law matter, it is comforting that Sarah focuses her practice 100% on family law. To take that extra, final step to become a “Certified Family Law Specialist,” the attorney is finally board certified by the State Bar must have:

» Taken and passed a written examination in Family Law;
» Demonstrated a high level of experience in Family Law;
» Fulfilled ongoing education requirements specified by the board;
» Favorably evaluated by judges and attorneys familiar with the candidate’s work.

What can a Certified Family Law specialist do for you?

• Make certain marital settlement agreements and pre- or post-nuptial agreements are properly prepared;
• Identify tax issues which may affect the distribution of marital property and the payment of child, spousal or family support;
• Help you effectively deal with complex legal issues involving community property laws;
• Negotiate or mediate the difficult and emotional issues relating to legal separation, dissolution of marriage and child custody;
• Protect clients who need restraining orders for domestic violence;
• Handle matters relating to modification of child custody, spousal support or child support;
• Offer a collaborative process enabling clients to resolve their issues without court intervention.

Hire a San Diego Certified Family Law specialist for the best possible outcome.

Certified Family Law Specialist:   Sarah T. Schaffer, CFLS, LL.M

State Bar of California, California Board of Legal Specialization recognizes Sarah T. Schaffer, CFLS, LL.M as a Family Law (Divorce) Specialist.

Attorneys may identify themselves as a State “Certified” Specialists in California only if they are certified either by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, or an organization whose certification program has been accredited by the California State Bar.

California attorneys who are certified as “Specialists” must have taken and passed a written examination in their specialty field, demonstrated a high level of experience in the specialty field, fulfilled ongoing education requirements, and been favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges familiar with their work.

Certified Family Law Specialist, Sarah T. Schaffer, CFLS, LL.M has the proven qualifications that every divorce or family law matter deserves.

Hire the BEST Possible Attorney to Represent You

When you chose a divorce and family law attorney who is a State Certified Specialist, you know that he or she has devoted those time, energy, study, displayed professionalism noted by fellow attorneys and judges and maintains the highest standards of legal knowledge and ability for their chosen specialty.

Certified Family Law Specialist, Sarah T. Schaffer, CFLS, LL.M

Very few attorneys ever earn “certified specialization” in their law section. In fact, fewer than 1 in 200 California attorneys are certified specialists in their law specialty. Considering there are more than 200,000 lawyers in California, it is very difficult to be “certified” such that there are less than 1,000 board certified attorneys in Family Law.

* State Bar of California

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Certified Family Law Specialist

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