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San Diego Alimony and Spousal Support AttorneyAlimony, also called “spousal support” or spousal maintenance, is money paid by one ex-spouse or domestic partner to the other after a marriage is dissolved. In the aftermath of a divorce, one household becomes two, and finances that may have been teetering before are often strained to the breaking point with the need to support two residences. We are here to help people reach fair and sensible spousal support arrangements that reflect the needs of each spouse.

The Courts will take many factors into account when determining an equitable spousal support arrangement.

Expert Representation in San Diego Alimony Cases

Family Law Attorney Sarah T. Schaffer understands the legal complexities involved in spousal support arrangements. Whether you are seeking spousal support or you prefer to minimize your obligation to pay spousal support, we are here to help. Please contact us to arrange a consultation about establishing, modifying or enforcing spousal support payments.

There are no off-the-shelf, standard calculations, or printed legal solutions where spousal support is concerned. Many factors affect whether spousal support is paid and how much said support might amount to. These factors include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Ability of the receiving spouse to earn an income
  • Education level and work history of the receiving spouse
  • Paying spouse’s ability to pay
  • Terms and enforceability of any prenuptial / premarital agreement
  • Whether either party has remarried or is cohabiting
  • If the receiving spouse contributed to paying the paying spouse’s education, training or professional development.
  • The ages and physical health of both spouses
  • The resulting tax consequences to both parties

The skills and experience of your Family Law Attorney can make all the difference in spousal support negotiations. We will examine all the facts of your case, discuss your goals and advise you of all your potential options.

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