San Diego Military Divorce Attorney

San Diego Military Divorce AttorneyMilitary families, more than most, face considerable stress and separation that, unfortunately, often leads to divorce. Sarah T. Schaffer, a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, offers an added specialized knowledge and experience to represent fellow servicemembers and servicemembers’ spouses in divorce and custody issues.

Military Divorce Lawyer in San Diego

  • If you are the in the military or a spouse of a person in the military and you live in the San Diego area Sarah Schaffer can help you.
  • If you are a member of the military stationed in California or on a base anywhere in the United States or overseas Sarah can also help you.

Stop / Postpone Divorce Until You Return to California

Family Law Attorney, Sarah T. Schaffer, can help members of the military get a “stay of proceedings” under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to stop a divorce proceeding until you have returned to the states. On the other hand, if you want the divorce to proceed, Sarah can oftentimes handle your court appearances here with an occasional necessary “in-court phone-conference” while you are stationed overseas.

Child Custody Cases for Active Duty Service Members

You need an experienced family law attorney to help you make your best possible case to help you arrive at a fair custody agreement that makes sense for both the parents and the child(ren). Certain provisions of the California Family Code protect servicemembers with respect to custody and visitation.

Military Pensions / Division of Property

Many factors including the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA) determine how military benefits and pensions are divided. There are a number of issues that determine whether or not California will have jurisdiction to divide the servicemember’s military retired pay. Additionally, there are other important considerations such as the Survivor Benefit Plan and disability pay.

Certified Family Law Specialist

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