Divorce Mediation in San Diego, CA

divorce mediation attorney Sarah T. SchafferDivorce mediation is a valid and beneficial consideration. Courtroom battles are not always the best places to resolve family law issues. This is especially true for child custody and visitation disputes. After an emotional court trial, it can be difficult, if not impossible for parents to be respectful of each other and further cooperate for the sake of their children following an emotionally draining and continuous court battle.

San Diego Family Law Attorney Sarah T. Schaffer, CFLS. LL.M recommends more civilized, more amicable dispute resolution techniques such as divorce mediation and collaborative law divorce. Our goal is to help opposing spouses come to a fair settlement agreement without the emotional trauma and huge financial burdens of courtroom litigation and trial.

In a San Diego area divorce mediation, both spouses meet with an independent mediator who listens to their concerns and help them work toward an amicable agreement. You will know what to expect, what to say and what not to say to the other party or the mediator. After a divorce mediation session, you have the option of accepting an agreement reached with the help of the mediator, or of proceeding to trial.

Collaborative Divorce in San Diego

Collaborative Divorce Law – in San Diego is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows both parties and their attorneys to work toward settling disputes without the threat of a courtroom trial. While pursuing the collaborative law process, both parties agree to not take the case to court. Collaborative law involves a team approach that may often involve attorneys, accountants, financial planners, therapists and other experts who work together to arrive at an amicable settlement.

Some Issues are Simply Non-Negotiable

Sometimes disputes cannot be resolved through mediation, collaboration or negotiation. Here at Schaffer Family Law Group, APC, it is always our first inclination to attempt to settle differences outside of the courtroom. When a reasonable settlement cannot be reached without litigation in the form of a court trial; however, you can depend on us to fight for your rights and your interests in court.

Divorce mediation can save you money and keep your personal and financial lives private from being forever viewable in the legal public record available to anyone who might be curious. To learn more, call on the San Diego divorce mediation attorneys at Schaffer Family Law Group at (858) 509-7907 to schedule a strategy session today.

San Diego Mediation

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