We have learned that no matter is ever as simple as it seems, and every individual and every family’s dynamic and needs are unique. While some matters are less complicated than others, we specialize in handling sophisticated, highly complex and multi-faceted cases.

Certificate Of Recognition from San Diego County

Talent. Experience. Respect.

Schaffer Family Law Group is a San Diego family law firm comprised of highly talented, experienced, respected, aggressive, and effective attorneys. We work in every area of family law and have successfully helped San Diego families find resolutions since 2011.

Compassion + Deep Understanding

Inherent in our law practice is our compassion for our clients and our deep understanding of every family law issue. We know that when you seek our counsel, you are going through a difficult time in your life, and you and your family have been struggling. You can trust that every attorney at Schaffer Family Law Group is here to support you and expertly guide you through the legal process.

Hands-on Approach

One of the hallmarks of our family law firm is our hands-on, close working relationships with our clients. Regardless of what type of family matter you need help with, we will stand beside you every step of the way. Our significant experience in all areas of family law, our reputation and history of garnering great results for our clients, and our ability to practice law both aggressively and empathetically is what sets the firm apart.

Certified Family Law Specialists


Sarah Schaffer and Leslie Ryland have been certified by the State Bar of California as “Certified Family Law Specialists,” a distinction earned by family law attorneys who have “gone beyond the standard licensing requirements.” Sarah has also served in the United States Marine Corps and spent five years on active duty serving as a Logistics Officer. Her understanding of the military and the issues service members face enable her to provide exceptional counsel.

In addition, Sarah earned an L.L.M. (Master of Law Degree) in Taxation and previously worked as a tax consultant with Big 4 accounting firm Ernst & Young. Using this experience, Sarah has become especially adept at working with high net-worth clients or those who own their own businesses or are involved in a family business. In matters involving high-value property, large pensions, retirement accounts, and other assets, Sarah is able to employ her tax background to ensure that her clients are well-protected.